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Website Accessibility Statement

Website Accessibility Statement for AirTech Service:

At AirTech Service, we are committed to ensuring that our website is accessible to all individuals, including those with disabilities. We strive to provide a user-friendly and inclusive online experience for all visitors.

Accessibility Features Implemented:

1. Alternative Text: We have incorporated alternative text for all relevant images on our website. This ensures that users who rely on screen readers or have images disabled can understand the content.

2. Keyboard Navigation: Our website can be easily navigated using a keyboard alone, allowing individuals who cannot use a mouse to browse and access information effectively.

3. Clear and Consistent Design: We have employed a clear and consistent design throughout our website, making it easier for users with cognitive or visual impairments to navigate and understand the content.

4. Captions and Transcripts: Where applicable, we provide captions or transcripts for multimedia content, such as videos or audio files, to accommodate individuals with hearing impairments.

5. Resize Text: Users have the ability to resize text on our website, ensuring that those with visual impairments can adjust the content to a size that suits their needs.

Ongoing Efforts:

We are committed to maintaining and improving the accessibility of our website continuously. Our team regularly reviews and implements accessibility guidelines and standards to ensure that all users can access the information and services provided on our website.

Feedback and Assistance:

If you encounter any accessibility barriers or have suggestions on how we can improve the accessibility of our website, we encourage you to contact us. Your feedback is important to us, and we will strive to address any issues promptly.

Contact Information:

If you require any assistance or have specific accessibility questions or concerns regarding our website, please contact our accessibility coordinator:

Email: accessibility@record7.com
Phone: 1 (559) 677-7283

We appreciate your visit to our website and remain dedicated to providing an accessible online experience for all individuals.

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